Vinnie Wtson


Vinnie Watson is a graduate of Robert E. High School (Montgomery, Alabama), Coastal Training Institute (Montgomery, Alabama, and Troy University (Montgomery Campus) with a B. S. degree in Business Administration and a major in Marketing Management Research.

Vinnie is employed with the Alabama State Council on the Arts and Baptist Medical Center South (Montgomery, Alabama).

Vinnie joined Women In Touch, Inc. in January 2010, but before joining, she volunteered for many years in various fund-raising campaigns.  She enjoys working with children and seniors, and giving back to her community.  Her motto is “Expect Only the Best and Accept No Less.”

Vinnie attends Old Augusta Baptist Church and serves as the church secretary, youth advisor, and teaches children’s church.  She volunteers with the Waugh-Mt. Meigs Volunteer Fire Department providing assistant as a first responder as well as many other areas in her community.